Brian Biery
Contributing Writer

The current Millersville University system for all faculty and student employees is that they are now required to obtain the three Pennsylvania clearances. These include the FBI Federal Criminal History (Act 114) for fingerprinting through the Department of Public Welfare. The Child Abuse History Clearance (Act 151) and Criminal Background Check (Act 34) are needed for employment. This law went into effect in Nov. 2014 for (Act 153) called the Pennsylvania Child Protection Services Law. It is administered by the Human Services and required that all University employees are to have background checks effective Dec. 31, 2015. However, if your start date to work was after January 1, 2015 then all new employees are mandated to have all three clearances.
To apply for any positions on campus for student workers, use the following link provided to apply: The University covers the cost of all three clearances. Students have the choice of paying for Act 151 and the Act 114 clearances on their own and then have the University reimburse the costs.

(Photo courtesy of Millersville) Student employees now have to get background checks.
(Photo courtesy of Millersville)
Student employees now have to get background checks.

For the registration process, go to: and click on the Department of Public Welfare, then under registration, click the Register Online Link, and proceed to complete only what is marked with an (*) sign on the form. Simply follow the prompts and keep all printed receipts. The closest site to Millersville is the UPS store #3413 located at Stone Mill Plaza on Columbia Ave in Lancaster. You can use this site: to find other locations.
The Child Abuse History Clearance (Act 151) can be processed by paper or electronically. To complete this clearance online go to: and create a new account. Simply
follow the prompts. If you have not received the clearances, then you can call (717) 783-6211 or you can call (toll free) 1-877-371-5422.
The (Act 34) Criminal Record Check is obtained by emailing the Office of Human Resources at to confirm your first and last name and provide the email address that you choose to use for this clearance. The office will send two emails, the first will provide a link and login instructions, and the other will provide a security pin to access the account. The link will expire in 72 hours of its initiation, so timeliness is of the essence. If there are any further questions or concerns on this matter, you may address your issues with the Human Resources Department. Please email or call (717) 871-4950.