Nicole Lookfong
Staff Writer

There is one thing I’ve noticed around Millersville that all I can do is chuckle when I see it. It is simple, men and women of Millersville, please be more creative when you are trying to pick someone up.

Seriously, if your standards are that low then you cannot expect to have a high quality man or woman. You can expect to have a crazy though. Let’s be honest if your pick up lines run like this: “Hey are you a freshman?” Bite your lip and reply “Me too.” Then your standard of a significant other should follow with “Hey, do you want disease with that?” Because if that pick up line works then odds are they are getting around. People are not as dumb as you may think they are. For instance, if you text someone and say, “Hey, I’m lonely” or “ I broke up with my girl can you comfort me,” and this is happening at 7 p.m. or 9 p.m. Then yeah, it is a late night booty call. Once again if your standard for a person to hook up with is that low and it works. Than the one you picked up may be looking for a boo and its going to be you, because your standards are for crazy. Any self-respecting individual will realize what is happening and block you on their phone. The quality person will realize what you are doing and it is indeed that transparent. Do not expect Beyonce when you are throwing Kim Kardashian lines out there. Okay, maybe Kanye can’t think of lines that good, but you get my point. What happened to the days of bare minimum and mild amounts of creativity? “Baby did you fall from heaven?” “I think heaven is missing an angel?” Or “Baby your *** looks like an apple and I want to take a bite.” At least they thought outside of the box with things like fruit and angels. Not freshman and tutoring! I should not be able to look at the bulletin board and find a pick up line at the library, I am sorry.

If these are your standards of picking someone up well then you cannot expect them to be creative as a significant other. Because you know they should be creative when they are desperate to get some. That is when they should be throwing out their best cards. They should come up with things like; “Excuse me, you are absolutely beautiful and I would really like to get to know you.” Then take you out to dinner.

What happened to them trying to feed you, so they could give you the energy? They should be investing in you. So once again, please raise your standards. “Netflix and Chill” should not be a pick up line that works.

Maybe they really want to watch the “Real Husbands of Hollywood” or “Orange is the New Black”. Maybe they need to see what happens to crazy eyes, or Kevin Hart falling off the side of an apartment? Will Nick Canon and Kevin Hart work it out? Don’t try to disrupt a person’s show. That is rude and don’t disappoint a person like that. Let them watch their show in peace. How about the quality of the pursuit and not the laziness? Once again, do not throw Kim Kardashain lines out there and expect a Beyonce. Because the best kind of person you should try to pursue is someone that does not put up with lousy pickup line or a weeks worth of pursuit. Not the kind of person who does not pick up on the sneaky things one is attempting to get with you. They are smart enough to figure out and leave because a quality person will want someone genuine, someone who will improve you as a person and on your pick up lines. Because running game will get old and you will realize you want someone and a relationship that is real. Not a con. So improve your game and up your standards or don’t complain.