Randi Chrismer
Staff Writer

Student Senate met Oct. 1 at 6:30 p.m.. Senate granted the following funds from the Events and Activities account: $471.77 to BSU and NAACP for Kwanzaa at MU, $1,048 to COMO for Percussion Extravaganza, $2,770 to the Conestoga Club for a recreational excursion, $1,500 to COMO for ringers for an Orchestra concert, and $7,284.96 to the CITAMARD for Macbeth. ATMAE was granted $5,226.82 from the Professional Development fund for their national conference.  Senate also voted to donate $5000 to the Campus Cupboard from the Campus Engagement fund. Millersville borough Mayor, Dick Moriarty spoke to Senate and says he welcomes students to speak to him about any and all issues. Dr. Craven brought to Senate’s attention her concerns as an advisor that there are currently 67 organizations frozen through the CSIL office. Dwight Horsey also brought concerns about the Cultural Affairs Committee funding. Student Senate invites all students to attend meetings, which are held every Thursday at 6:30 p.m. in the SMC. If one is interested in joining, applications can be found on GetInvolved.