Dan Good ’06

My time with the Snapper reflects the most exhilarating point in my journalism career.
The focus wasn’t on page views or video start totals or ROI or social reach then — we were motivated by the story, the truth, the craft.
We spent some long nights at the SMC, bonding over our idiosyncrasies, sorting through shredded garbage (OK, the garbage was my thing). I felt so alive challenging the university’s power structure and throwing pebbles, sometimes leaving a dent.
Occasionally those pebbles got thrown back. While with the Snapper, I learned the power and weight of words, a lesson I’ve carried throughout my career.
Journalism, in its truest form, seeks to shine light on the darkness and enlighten people. I’m so proud of what the Snapper accomplished during my time at Millersville, what we achieved together.
A decade later, I still think about the Snapper. I wish I could freeze that moment, bottle that energy, and walk around in it every once and again, but all I can do is carry it in my memories, thinking back to the weekly drudgery, friendships, Sugar Bowl gyros, and the unjaundiced view of what lay ahead.
Those memories make me smile. I met some of my best friends through the Snapper, and I encountered other people who still mean the world to me, even though we don’t regularly talk anymore.

Dan Good Dan Good / Snapper

I’m honored to have been a part of the Snapper’s history, and I look forward to celebrating its future successes.