Rob Kuestner ’95

My name is Rob Kuestner, during my junior and senior years at Millersville, I worked as the sports editor for The Snapper. I am currently the Eagles Content Producer for NBC10 in Philadelphia. I am exceedingly proud of our accomplishments at The Snapper.

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You’ll probably laugh (and this makes me feel ancient to write) but I am proud to say I am responsible for (what I believe to be) the first color edition of The Snapper and the first sports pull-out edition of The Snapper. That specific pull-out section profiled the 1994 PSAC Basketball Tournament that came to Millersville. Millersville was the number one seed and won the Conference Tournament, eventually losing to Philadelphia Textile in the NCAA D-2 Playoffs.

My role at The Snapper helped me chart a course professionally. It taught me so much about media, how to handle myself in professional settings and–most importantly–how to write effectively. I look back at some of what I wrote back then and laugh. It wasn’t very good; but it was a starting point. A launching pad to a career that has taken me to World Series games, Super Bowls, NBA Finals, Stanley Cups and major golf championships. All these years later, I still love sports and I still love writing. My time with The Snapper played a pivotal role in my life.