Allison Breneman

Staff Writer

Millersville University athletics are packed full of action and excitement. What happens when a student chooses to implement this thrill into their career path?

Courtney Kling will be doing just that. Upon graduating this coming May, Kling plans to use her degree in Speech Communication to pursue a career in the field of Sports Public Relations.

Currently, she works for the Athletic Communication department here at MU. Throughout her experience working in Sports Information Kling has worked her way up to being the Head Media Contact for men and women’s tennis as well as women’s cross country. Kling is the first undergrad student to hold this position.

“I write post game and pre-game stories, press releases, take photos for stories and for graphics,” Kling explains. “I have a lot of responsibility.”

Sports have always been a subject of interest for this Communication professional. However, Public Relations was not what Kling intended to study when she first arrived at MU. At first, she was interested in the Broadcast field. Nevertheless, she soon realized Public Relations is the best fit for her strengths and interests. It did not take long for her to find her niche in the sports PR field.

Kling reached out to the sports information director and inquired about internship opportunities. After a brief interview, she was hired on the spot.

However, it wasn’t all fun and games when she was first starting out. Although Kling was knowledgeable about many sports, keeping statistics for some of them threw her for a loop.

“One sport that really caught me off guard was volleyball,” she says. “It really keeps you on your toes. The first game was awful.”

Some of her first duties included filling in sports programs and helping with the scoreboard. In order to successfully complete her required tasks it was crucial for her to have a solid understanding of several different types of software. After she got some experience under her belt, Kling realized that she belonged in the Sports PR field.

Through her position with the Athletic Communication department Kling has had several great experiences. The opportunity to work with ESPN is what stands out to her the most. Kling was able to work with ESPN when they came to MU to cover the Division II West Chester University vs. Millersville University Field Hockey game. Kling took official statistics and watched the game with the ESPN reporters.

“Dude, it was sweet. I had a headset and everything,” Kling recalls.

In Sports Information, every day on the job is unlike the one before it.

“One day I will be making graphics for Instagram and the next day I will be writing a story that covers a baseball game,” Kling says.

Kling thrives on the excitement of new tasks and challenges on a day-to-day basis. The work she does in the Athletic Communication department gives her wonderful real world experience for a career after graduation.

“I think it is really preparing me for my future,” she says.