Taylor Cole

Arts and Culture Editor


Exhibit features pictures of people and places from around Lancaster. (Taylor Cole/Snapper)

Normally when students venture into the Susan C. & Gerald C. Eckert Art Gallery, they expect sculptures and paintings from local artists. If you walk into the gallery today, located inside the Winter Center, you’ll find something a little more digital.

Currently in the Eckert Art Gallery, an exhibit titled “Lancaster Sound Map” is being presented. This is a very different type of art exhibit in that it is very interactive and lacks the “normal” art usually in an art exhibit. Stuart Hyatt, creator of the Lancaster Sound Map, was commissioned by The City of Lancaster’s Public Art Program to create a sound map of Lancaster County.

What exactly is a sound map? It shows the stories and experiences within Lancaster County while appealing to the audience’s sense of sound, something traditional pictures or paintings simply cannot do.

Hyatt met with locals and members of the community with a camera, a microphone and a voice recorder. He’d take pictures, record stories and gain knowledge on the experiences our locals have and had in Lancaster. Once completed, Hyatt put these experiences on a digital satellite map of Lancaster County so the pictures and audio recordings matched up with the location where it happened.

This literally created a “sound map.” Hyatt took the sounds associated with sound map to create a music album titled Born in the Ear. With nine different tracks, this album walks listeners through the history, stories and experiences laden in Lancaster county.

Yes, all the sounds heard on this album were recorded in Lancaster county. This album is expected to be released on vinyl very soon; however, students can go in the gallery and listen to the vinyl now.

Along the walls of the gallery are pictures of people and places throughout Lancaster county, including the Arby’s located in the Park City Mall. Hyatt definitely included all of the important, dear places in the hearts of Lancaster County civilians.

The man behind it all, Stuart Hyatt, loves to create projects such as this one that can be used to build a community. His methods of creating these projects may seem unconventional. As time changes and technology continues to advance, digital and audio recorded art is becoming a new trend.  

Hyatt’s Lancaster Sound Map Exhibit will be located in the Winter Center in the Susan C. & Gerald C. Eckert Art Gallery until October 10th. This exhibit is highly recommended. Don’t wait to check out this revolutionary and interactive exhibit that outlines Lancaster’s history.