By: Alexander Bershtein

Now and again I will be interrupted by the conversation of Disney. It could be about the box office, the amazing movies, the Netflix everyone is somehow still waiting for and its partial ownership of our childhood with the Harry Potter Franchise, Apple inventions, YouTube and the Pokémon pandemonium.
And now that Disney has banked the fantastic ideas of the studios of Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and occasionally itself, an old crate of lost movies has been schlepped into a corner. I want people to think less on their want for new originality and look for some old classics to enjoy. Note, I am only recommending some classic Disney films because the script is already going to be somewhat too long for its section in the Snapper, so if you really want to hear some more great recommendations from me, please ask.
To start, I will go with the movie that first got me into space, The Little Toaster goes to Mars, and it is great! It is not for babies; this is Disney! You are never too old for any Disney movie!! Next is my favorite forgotten Disney classic, the Fox and the Hound. There are many other great films with emotional music and heartwarming stories like Brother Bear and Spirit the Horse of the Cimarron. The thrilling movie Atlantis. Bed Knobs and Broom Sticks was the first movie to combine cartoon animation with live action filming. The hilarious falling off the couch movie known as The Pacifier with Vin Diesel. And for now, lastly great feline musical Aristocats, which is at fault for the very first memes before our Internet, “I’ll send you all the way to Timbuktu!” Ah, how we love our memes and cat videos.
Please find these movies and enjoy them. If we all are lucky, Disney will shove these lost masterpieces onto Netflix with its Pixar, Marvel, and for the love of R2-D2, Star Wars as well.