The Groans of Sunrise Classes

Alexander Bershtein

Staff Writer
Waking up early is unquestionably a pain. I bet you hope that rooster becomes chicken dinner, but we all know the routine and some of us know a rooster is not so edible. If you have a class that starts at 8 a.m. or before 10 a.m. like me it can be brutal sometimes, if not always.
Ever wake up and walk out the door only to return to your dorm or home to grab something you forgot because you are nothing but a sleepwalker at the moment. Breakfast ought to be skipped occasionally, and that never is helpful for the oncoming classes because you need that energy. Most of us are in dire need of caffeine or as plenty of us prefer to ask, “Where is the closest Starbucks?”
I do not have much positives for this scenario that I deal with four times a week, but all any of us can do is push through our deeply earned grumpy and crankiness. Remember, you do not have to smile this early because you are tired. Do your best to charge through the daze and get through that morning routine because attention is expected in those classes, and take that coffee, breakfast bar, donut or bacon to class with satisfaction that you barely made it on time.

The Trudging to Evening classes

Taylor Schuebel

Staff Writer
So after a long day of classes you sit down enjoy your dinner as you try and squeeze in some much needed studying…before you have to run over to your final class that will last until you have very little time to do anything else.
So this semester I may not have any morning classes (yay!), but I have two evening courses, one class on Mondays and Wednesday 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and the other on Thursdays from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and they can be just as exhausting as morning classes. I guess because I’m so used to being able to sit at home with my friends at this time that by the time it’s dark out all I want to do is eat, shower and go to bed. I’m a college student. I shouldn’t want to go to bed at nine at night. I have homework to do and I life to live!
Honestly, the only thing I have time for after these classes is possibly Pokémon hunting and studying. What fun.
I also have a habit of falling half asleep a good hour into the class. I’m not sure why since I get to sleep in three days a week, maybe I, like many students, get burnt out by the time it gets dark. I’m also not helping myself by reading scary stories, since October is just around the corner, before class and then walk alone at night to get home.
A coffee may help wake you up in the morning, but I doubt it’s very healthy to drink at six in the evening. Or is it? I’m not sure since I’m not a coffee drink. I just stick with soda or Gatorade…which isn’t a good substitute.
All in all, what is worse in your opinion? The early-mornings or the late-nights?