Nora Long
Staff Writer

Millersville University had applied for three different distinction levels to gain acceptance into The President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll, which recognizes institutions of higher education that support exemplary community service programs as well as gaining campus community partnerships. Millersville University was placed in all three of which we applied to.

This was a great accomplishment.

We have also been named in the honor roll every year since its inception and to the distinction level for six years straight.

The three levels that Millersville University applied and were placed in were; General Community Service, Economic Opportunity, and Education. The General Community Service award recognizes institutions that are making a commitment to improve the quality of life of off- campus communities.

Particularly this would be low-income housing and residential areas. MU was one of twelve institutions to receive this award, and the only PASSHE School to receive this at the distinction level. The Economic Opportunity award recognizes institutions that are offering programs to support economic independence, the increase of family stability, and to create more sustainable communities.

More specifically this would be to offer service to improve the financial state and security of disadvantaged individuals. MU was one of five institutions to receive this award, and only PASSHE School to receive this at the distinction level. The Education award recognizes institutions that have made a commitment to improving education for children, youth, and young adults. This would span from ages in pre-k all the way up through college.

Schools applying for this award are engaged in school readiness programs, strengthening schools, and also addressing early behavioral and professional conflicts with students individually, (this might be tardiness, behavior, or high school graduation rates). MU was one of 7 institutions to receive this award, and the only PASSHE School to receive this at the distinction level.

Overall this is a great achievement for Millersville University! Let’s hoist the colors! Seize the Opportunity to give back to the community.

Projects that MU submitted for the 2013-2014 Honor Roll Application

  • PACC AmeriCorps Project Cygnet K-12 Academic Achievement Program with SDOL (ELCM)
  • Storm Water Outfall Mapping Service Learning Project with Lancaster Inter-municipal Committee (CCERP)
  • Be the Change S. June Smith Partnership and Benefit Performance (student organizations and ELCM)
  • Penn Manor High School Mentoring Partnership (SOWK)
  • Study Buddies After School Tutoring and Homework Help Program (College of EDHS)
  • On Campus United Way VITA program (ELCM)
  • Affordable Care Act Marketplace Assistance Day (CCERP)
  • Removing Barriers to Affordable Housing – LHOP Partnership (CPSSC)