Rebecca Stahl
Staff Writer

The presidential election, this year, is anything but ordinary. There have been several scandals surrounding Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, among unwanted publicity around the world, which makes candidates like Jill Stein and Gary Johnson favorable nominees for the presidency. While voting for Stein or Johnson may seem like the opportune decision to make, there are drawbacks you should be aware of when voting for them as president.

Many people find that voting for Stein or Johnson is the better choice, but will voting for the Green Party have a significant impact in who the American people elect as their president? According to the NY Times, “while third parties have gained traction at times in history, no third-party candidate has ever won the presidency.” The American people are favoring the Green Party in a high fluctuation of votes.

Records haven’t seen polling like this since the 2000 election when the third party candidate, Ralph Nader, helped cost Vice President Al Gore, the presidency.

The polls are showing an influx of votes for Clinton and Trump, yet with a strong uprising in votes for Stein and Johnson. According to, the polls are showing that Clinton is leading the race at 45%, followed by Trump at 39%, then Johnson at 6%, ending with Stein at 2%. If early voting is any indication of who will be president, come November 8, then Clinton or Trump will be president, not Stein or Johnson.