Nick Hughes

Opinion Editor


On November 18, 2016 Pokémon Sun and Moon comes out for the Nintendo 3DS. Leading up to the this, Game Freak released a “Special Demo Version” of the game. The demo has given Pokémon fans across the world, a glimpse at the Alola region in the Pokémon world. I have to say that I am impressed with the result. The demo has given us just enough to be left wanting the whole thing. November 18 cannot come fast enough for the Pokémon fan-base.
You are first introduced as just having moved to the Alola region and everything is brand new. This is the feel of the demo as well.
A lot concerning the interface has changed. They are, for the most part, aesthetic, but there are minor improvements overall throughout. One that really stood out was in the Pokémon catching category. Instead of clicking items and then selecting what kind of Poke Ball that you want to use there is an icon on the battle screen that shows a picture of the last type used. Clicking in this icon will allow you to confirm using the Poke Ball and then you throw it. This streamlined the catching progress by a few seconds. It may seem like a minute detail, but it is a vast improvement in my eyes.
Another way that the game has changed is the camera. Game Freak started to experiment with this is Pokémon X and Y, but there was little variation. In Sun and Moon there are various camera angles used. I like the change a lot. My only thought on this is that this seems a bit more like a traditional role playing game (RPG) than the standard Pokémon RPG formula.
There is nothing wrong with this, and it will be interesting to see how Game Freak will utilize it in other ways.
The battle system has stayed the same for the most part. One big difference that is not aesthetic is the option to look at descriptions of the moves that your Pokémon can use and their effectiveness against the Pokémon you are fighting. In the competitive format this is a game changer for some players. It is sometimes hard to keep track of all the types of Pokémon and their strengths and weaknesses. This new feature will make that a lot easier.
There are some new mechanics that have added a new depth to the game. They are called Z-moves. Various Pokémon have been shown doing a z-move in trailers and there is an opportunity in the demo for the player to experience how awesome they can be. The specific Pokemon being Pikachu, and to be honest, it was amazing. I do not want to spoil it for those who want to play the demo, however.
The game is going to sell incredibly well. It has already broke Nintendo’s pre-order record and I think it will be the most innovative Pokémon game yet. I am looking forward to it and I hope my little preview has made you want to pre-order it as well.