Taylor Cole

Arts and Culture Editor

The roles are getting switched this weekend at Millersville with the All Campus Musical Organization performing their 2016 Fall Showcase: Miscast. During ACMO’s 2016 Fall Showcase, they plan to mix it up a little bit. Miscast will be a set of performances from Millersville students. It’s conducted like a concert with a specific setlist in mind but includes much more theatrics.

They’ll cover popular songs heard on the radio. The catch is that the boys will sing the “girl” songs and the girls will sing the “boy” songs.  The performances include solos, duets, and group numbers. The showcase will feature songs from Aerosmith, Lady Gaga, Adele, Panic! at the Disco, and several Disney Classics! It’s even rumored ACMO might have a group of guys perform a very popular Beyonce classic.

It’ll have music everybody can enjoy with a little twist that’ll bring some laughs. Miscast is directed by Millersville student Sydney Sniezek. When asked her favorite part about directing the show, Sneizek stated she enjoys “having the opportunity to see all of my performers grow and [watch] the entire production coming together!”

For those who don’t know, ACMO is a student run theater group here on campus. Students get the chance to not only act, but to stage manage, direct, produce and more! They’ve been a group at Millersville for over 30 years and still amaze students, faculty, and alumni with their stunning productions. One of the best parts about ACMO is students of all majors can join.

It is not just limited to theater students. Sarah Dean, a first-time performer with ACMO will be covering songs in this year’s showcase. “I was nervous going into [ACMO] because I really didn’t know anyone,” says Dean, “but everyone in the production is incredibly talented, extremely passionate, and so kind!”

“ACMO, as a group, is such a happy, friendly family,” says another Miscast performer, Anna Pederson, “the atmosphere is so loving and amazing!”

Miscast will be performed at Dutcher Hall on Friday, November 4 at 8pm and Saturday, November 5 at 2pm. Both performances will be in Rafters Theater in Dutcher Hall. Anyone and everyone is welcome to the show! General admission tickets are $5. Millersville students and senior tickets are $3. All of the proceeds will go back to ACMO to help put on more outstanding productions.

“Take a break from studying,” says Pederson, a performer in the showcase, “and definitely come out to see some very talented people in amazing costumes performing amazing songs!”

Interested in getting involved with ACMO? The musical organization will be hosting auditions for its show “Heathers: the Musical” on November 16th and 17th in Dutcher Hall from 6pm to 9pm. For more information, check out the callboard on the first floor of Dutcher Hall. This will be performed in late March at the Winter Center.