Julia Snyder 
Managing Editor

As the fall semester continues to crawl to a close, it’s typically the time of year that students begin to look forward to the spring semester. Schedules are being finalized, companies are handing out internships, and finals are quickly causing everyone to stress out.

Millersville University offers a unique way to allow all of the stress and hard work that students put into their academic careers to be recognized. Each year, the university hosts a conference, Made in Millersville (MIM), where students are encouraged to showcase their scientific research, as well as performing arts or otherwise creative projects. Anything that a Millersville student has endeavored to create and complete as their best work has an opportunity to be shared through the annual conference. Now, MU students also have the opportunity to publish their MIM projects in conference proceedings.

The Made in Millersville Conference Proceedings Team, which is a student-led group, expands the opportunities MU students have to publish their work. The Conference Proceedings Journal is a digital journal that publishes outstanding work that students present at MIM. This outlet allows students to not only have experience presenting their hard work, but also gives them a published piece that can be put in the individual’s portfolio. Student’s articles are preserved through the digital proceedings, which gives their projects valuable publicity. Selected presenters at MIM are contacted after the conference and asked if they are interested in being published in the Conference Proceedings Journal.

If interested, the presenters are asked to write a short summary of their presentation’s content. This year, interested students are encouraged to check the box on their MIM application that they are interested in publishing their project in conference proceedings.

The opportunity to work collaboratively with editors and understand the publishing process is priceless for undergraduate students. Similar to the conference itself, all disciplines are accepted for publication in the journal. Students from the following disciplines have already been published: Meterology, English, Computer Science, and Education.

The MIM Conference Proceedings Journal Team works with student presenters to polish their work before publication. The process of collaborating with the editors is valuable experience that students can carry into their fields. The Made in Millersville conference will happen on April 18, 2017.

Students who are interested in gathering more information or applying to present in the conference can find more information at http://www.millersville.edu/ spra/student_scholarship_creativity/index.php. Students interested in conference proceedings can check out past entries at https://mimcpj.com/. Students can also follow the team on Twitter @mimcpj.