Maria Glotfelter
Features Editor

The application to Made in Millersville is now available online for students. MIM is an annual conference held locally here at Millersville University. MIM welcomes projects, presentations, and performances from all disciplines. From posters to PowerPoints, students can choose to do various kinds of presentations. This flexibility in medium allows students the opportunity to choose what kind of presentation will best fit their project.

Made in Millersville is a great opportunity for students, undergraduate and graduate alike, to present original research at a local conference (Photo courtesy of

MIM will be held on April 18, 2017, from 9:00AM- 5:00PM. MIM is a perfect environment for students to share and discuss ideas, spreading the wealth of information with eachother. Of course, presenting any research as an undergraduate is a great opportunity for students. MIM is not exclusive to undergraduates, as graduate students and faculty also present or assist with roundtable discussion and presentations.

The application can be found on Millersville’s website. Before the application is begun, students can look at the PDF which lists all of the information required to fill out the application. If students are interested in past projects, they can visit MIM’s blog page on Millersville at made-in-millersville/. For students interested in getting valuable research and presentation experience, MIM is a great, local opportunity to join the academic conversation.