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"Rings" is the third movie in the "Ring" franchise, following "Ring" and "The Ring 2". (Photo courtesy of screenrant.com)
“Rings” is the third movie in the “Ring” franchise, following “Ring” and “The Ring 2”. (Photo courtesy of screenrant.com)

Another year, another horror movie. “Rings” may just be the scariest film of the year, so far. This is the third installment of the “Ring” movie franchise. The movie cover reads “If you watch it, then you die.” Before audience members even watch the movie, they’re terrified by the movie poster.

The movie centers around a young woman and her boyfriend. The young man Holt (Alex Roe) is leaving for college while Julia (Matilda Lutz) is taking time off to care for her sick mother. The boyfriend ends up watching a video that is said to be haunted. The video kills viewers seven days after they watch it, so the young woman is scared for her boyfriend’s life.

After awhile of not hearing from Holt, she drives up to meet with a professor to question his whereabouts. The professor doesn’t give her much information, so she sneaks around a little and follows the professor around. She is shocked when she catches the professor and a few other students after hours investigating the video. The woman ends up sacrificing her life to save her boyfriend, but is very shocked when she finds a hidden meaning within the movie. As the plot progresses, the young lady struggles quite a bit.

Instead of her boyfriend being cursed, the woman becomes cursed. Is it because she found the hidden meaning in the film? The dynamic duo then make a trip to a ghost town where another young woman went missing years back and where someone’s remains were buried as well. The eerie setting leaves audience members at the edge of their seats. Throughout the film, audience members are left wondering what will happen next.

With all horror films, there will always be a lot of suspense. With the “Rings” trilogy, there is a different story each film, but it centers around the same thing: the haunted video. All of the “Rings” movie feature several jump scare scenes, but this third film by far features the most. Whether it’s a date night or a friendly hangout, going to see “Rings” is something that you will not regret.

Grade: A

Running time: 117 minutes
Rating: PG-13
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