Maria Glotfelter
Features Editor

The George Street Carnival (GSC) is now accepting publications. Students have the opportunity to publish their literary stories, poems, lyrics, memoirs, articles, photos, drawings, essays, reviews, and more. One student/faculty/or alumnus can submit the following to the GSC:

3 poems (one poem should not exceed two pages)

2 pieces of short fiction (one piece should not exceed 4,000 words)

2 pieces of creative non-fiction (one piece should not exceed 4,000 words)

3 pieces of flash-fiction (each 500 words or less)

5 pieces of visual art (in .jpg format)

georgestreetphoto (1)
Millersville students, faculty, or alumni have the opportunity to publish their creative work in this semester’s issue of the GSC (Photo courtesy of

1 experimental/other piece (found/black-out poems, screen-plays, the strange, the genre-bending, and the unknown; work that doesn’t quite fit into any other category)

As the guidelines can be somewhat flexible, students are encouraged to reach out and ask questions should they have any. Additionally, if students are suffering from writer’s block, GSC has kindly provided a writing challenge! Students are encouraged to try the Three Element Challenge. The challenge requires students to incorporate the following three elements into their story: peppermints, Times Square, and revenge.

     The deadline for submission this semester is Saturday, March 11, 2017. Students should submit their work to Writing should be in .docx or .doc format, and art pieces must be in .jpg format. Students must use their Millersville email to make submissions. Good luck to MU students as they submit their writing to the GSC this semester.