Alexander Bershtein

Staff Writer

There is a new exhibit in Sykes Gallery, on the first floor of Breidenstine Hall. The overcrowded gallery, open from 8:30a.m.-4p.m., is decorated with varying styles of art including paintings, sketches, photography, ceramics, jewelry, and sculpture.

The entire collection of artwork at Sykes Gallery in this exhibition competed. 1st place went to “Car”, by Zachary Shaffer, which is an oil painting detailing a car in the upper part of the painting with various symbols on the lower half and side. 2nd place went to “Figure 1”, by Emily Lockley, in the 39th exhibit, which showcases a callus speckled vase with a prominent neck. 3rd place was won by “Panty Fold”, by Felecia M. Dominguez

The artwork from the 54th exhibit for “Memories Series #1”, by Tommie Harsh, was awarded the Fine Arts Metals Award. This honeycomb designed neckwear consists of an exquisitely designed pendant on a metallic cord. The pendant has a bronzen, highly detailed bumblebee crawling on plate shaped like a fracture of honeycomb with honey-brown beads hanging below.

The pieces that make up the 62nd exhibit “Anatomy of a Chair”, by Bonnie Mae Carrow, won the Ike Hay Sculpture Award. This sculpture is a dabble in structuring woodwork into a sort formation or organization. There is a castle-like appearance in this design made of dismantled components.

The art-piece from the 3rd exhibit “Space II”, by Yemei Zhou, won the Photography Award. The photos consist of angled shadows and panels that show you your reflections if looked at closely.

The painting of the 25th exhibit “Tabletop Safari”, by Heather Stepien, won the Watercolor Award. The painting details an assortment of colorful fauna that seem to be in a greenhouse.

“Smith & Solomon”, by Jessica Jansen, got the Winner’s Award. This sculpture is composed of various metallic sheets of varying texture situated atop concrete.

Pieces on sale:

Most of the artwork is not for sale or up for auction. Other paintings, or collections of paintings, are the on the pricing block. Yemei Zhou’s “Space I” and “Space II”, the 3rd and 4th exhibit respectively, appear to be photo captures of the terrain of the Moon, are the only two art-pieces that are negotiable for those interested in buying them, whether this is who comes first or who has the best deal is unknown.

The artworks up for auction at a set price includes:

-”Landscape” (oil & Indian ink) Zachary Shaffer $75: a sketched picture of a household by a mounted with graffiti hard put upon the original landscape.

-”Apprehension and the Crowning Touch” (sculpture) $400 Bonnie Mae Carrow: a sculpture that seems to be made of metal teeth.

– “Book of Spies” (cardboard & watercolor sculpture) $35 Zachary Shaffer: a set of 2-dimensional sketched scenes stacked one by one atop each other in a house-like structure.

-”Smile” (wax, plaster, wood, paint) $230 Sydney Kilinger: a menacing looking head-bust named Smile, by Sydney Kilinger. The piece is mostly of darker paint, except for the 8 red-stained jaws that takes the focus of the sculpture.

-”Family Nest” (fine arts metal) $120 Sydney Kilinger 59: host to Family Nest, another piece by Sydney Kilinger, is a brassy dome brandished by leaves of similar metal and topped with a tiny bowl of three glasslike eggs.

-”Untitled” (steel) Nick Holt $400: Whether given the name Untitled or not is a strewn bunch of interconnecting wires hung by a chain from the ceiling. Some onlookers had guessed that this artwork was meant to represent a basket of fish. The work was awarded an “honorable-mention” and is for sale at a price of $400 dollars for those that can figure out where to display and hang it in their homes.

-”Car” (oil painting) $75 Zachary Shaffer: as seen above, it won first place.

-”Bubble Wrap Texture” (printmaking) $30 Joy Chen

-”Slow Connections”: “Interaction” (digital print) $15 Brett Morgan: a color-coding of mix-matched of 4-sided polygons.

-”Rays” (digital composition photograph-printmaking) Rachel Keslosky $45: a photo capturing a yellow moth in a position of shadows and light.

-”Digital Photo” (photography) $50 Laura Sell: an angled photograph of a detailed lasso.

-”Burden of One’s Own Creation” (ink-printmaking) $45 Ben Williamson:  a collection of intricate artwork positioned in stack by stack.

-”Line Texture” (printmaking) $20 Joy Chen : an elaborate collection of concentric composition of lines.

– “(t)issues” (acrylic) $35 Heather Stepien: a depiction of stacked tissue boxes

There is plenty to see at this hodgepodge of various styles, materials, and forms of art. So feast your eyes on the creations of Millersville’s students when passing by our campus’s Breidenstine.