Rebecca Stahl

Staff Writer

Over the years, technology has continued to improve in society. However, as technology continues to improve, society becomes more dependent on artificial intelligence.

Technology is in everything we do anymore. Most of us get anxiety if our computer crashes or we lose our cell phone. Even if you think that you’d be fine without your phone, remember that work requires technology, TV is technology, college requires technology—it’s everywhere.

I, for one, would love it if society could go back to the good ol’ days of living without technology, and just living off the land, but I’m a realist so I know that’s not possible. Even though the idea of a technology free society sounds extremely peaceful; I would be lost without my technology. Society has become so technological nowadays that it is engrained in the norms of everyday life. Some could even say that we are too dependent upon technology, but then some might disagree. According to, 83% say yes and 17% say no.

Technology was created for the purpose of making our lives easier, but we have gotten so used to it being there to fix our problems that we, as a society, have lost our way. It’s not so much of transportation technology or construction technology that is enabling us from growing intellectually, but it’s information technology that is slowly dragging us down.

Online shopping is a huge addiction for a lot of people. Buyer’s remorse is more common today then it ever has been; it’s so easy to shop online when we need something. After all, all you have to do anymore is go to the site, click on what you want, and enter your credit card info. However, the ease of buying the things you need, paves the way for buying things you don’t. This in turn causes problems not only for your wallet, but for the stores that lose business.

Another big occurrence in today’s society is selfies and photo montages and videos. Everyone is so worried anymore about capturing the moment, that they don’t actually take the time to enjoy the moment. Taking pictures and videos of people or an event are really nice, but when you forget to enjoy the moment you’re trying to capture, that’s when it becomes a serious problem.

Also, no one remembers a number anymore, which can be bad if you lose your cell phone or need to know a phone number and forgot your cell phone. For example, I work at a store where you give your phone number if you don’t have your discount card, and it’s pretty sad when they spend a large amount of money on groceries and can’t get their discount because they forgot their cell phone in the car and can’t remember their wife’s phone number. I don’t have every phone number in my phone memorized, but I always remember the important ones. So many people have contacts set on speed dial or favorites that they don’t have a reason to remember.

My biggest pet peeve is when someone has to tell you something important and they do it through text. Technology gives people an excuse to hide behind a screen or a phone call (better but still not good), instead of toughening up and facing the issue head on. I know a ton of people who have broken up with their significant other, had a huge argument with friends or family, or fired someone via text, and it hurts. It sucks that not all got to be communicated about the issue, face to face; the concerns didn’t get to be talked out.

Phones are so common anymore, that not having a smart phone is considered absurd, and going out without your cell phone is considered abnormal. People drive me crazy with how much they text and snap and so forth; they are always in their damn phone. It’s not uncommon anymore to go on a date or family outing and the person has their face in their phone the whole time. It’s insane to think of how naked people truly feel without their phone. Everywhere you go you see people with headphones in their ears, texting or playing games on their phones and it really takes away the human side of things. People are losing their communication skills and face to face interaction.

With all of these reasons, the biggest thing of all would be that you are losing social connections and human contact that is needed within society. People are losing their interpersonal skills and it’s really sad.