Nora Long
Staff Writer

finals week.jpg
MU students should take some time to relax and destress during finals week (Photo courtesy of Pinterest).

Gearing up for finals? Ready to tackle the tests? Here are some things to do in the area to keep your spirits high and help through finals.

Trying to stay motivated during finals? Use colored sticky notes, highlight using multiple colors, watch videos relating to the information you’re studying, change where you study, and finally, change up how you study, try different techniques, and think positively.

Other than simple studying techniques remember to dress comfortably, take breaks, and relax. One fun thing to do when taking a study break is: take a walk around campus. Millersville is a beautiful place to walk around. Grab a coffee! Caffeine will keep you going, put a little pep in your step, and get you moving. Also, stay hydrated. You need to counteract that coffee somehow. It will also liven’ you up a bit, as well as keep you hydrated and well on your way to succeeding and passing your finals. Pack healthy snacks, such as oranges, apples, carrots, or granola bars. Keep an eye out in your emails with things to do during finals week, as sometimes the University will have service animals on campus, available for you to visit with while taking a much needed study break.

Remember to change your environment, stay positive, wear comfortable clothing, bring some healthy snacks, stay hydrated, take breaks, get plenty of sleep, and lastly, breathe.