Mickayla Miller
News Editor

This semester has already brought about several big changes to shake things up a little bit. The Writing Center has been in Chryst Hall for years, but an increased demand for writing tutors, as well as the need for some more space, has led the meeting spot to be incorporated into McNairy Library.

The new and improved Writing Center opened this week; it’s located in the large multipurpose room right behind the library’s Starbucks. Overall, the reception has been positive, said Andy Welaish, the director of library operations.

Moving the Writing Center into the McNairy Library & Learning forum seemed like a natural fit for a number of reasons,” Welaish said. “Students spend a great deal of time in the library studying, working on research, writing papers and other assignments. It just makes sense to have the Writing Center located in place where students are already engaged in the kind of work that the Writing Center supports.”

The intention was to have a single point of operation, Welaish said. Students can go to the library and speak with one of the librarians regarding research help, sit down and write the paper, and then ask the peer tutors in the Writing Center for advice if need be. No longer will students have to make various trips throughout campus to get help with their writing.

The new location is larger than the old Writing Center at Chryst, and it has more of a capacity to handle heavy workloads, Welaish said.

In the future, the purpose of the Writing Center may expand to be inclusive of more activities. For instance, professors may possibly be able to host group meetings for students to work on papers and assignments collaboratively. Doing so in the writing center means that there would be student peer reviewers to read over their papers and give advice.

Dr. William Archibald is the faculty lead of the writing center. For more information, visit http://www.millersville.edu/english/writingcenter/.