Peyton Powell

Staff Writer

He was an American entrepreneur, businessman, inventor, and the founder of one of the most recogniz- able and popular technology companies in the world. His name was Steve Jobs, and at the age of 56 years old, on October 5th, six years ago from this very day, the man who invented Apple died.

Steve Jobs, changed the technology world with the invention of Apple Inc. (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Steven Paul Jobs was born on February 24, 1955, to biological parents Abdulfattah “John” Jandali, a PhD of economics and political science from Syria, and Joanne Carole Schieble of Wisconsin. His biological mother’s parents didn’t agree with the relationship between their daughter, and Abdulfattah, so Joanne decided to leave without anyone knowing, and give birth to Steve, and then immediately put him up for adoption. Jobs was then ad- opted by Paul Reinhold Jobs, and Clara Hagopian after they couldn’t have kids of their own. Joanne originally didn’t want to give Steve to the Jobs because they were a blue-collar family, but then only signed the papers after they promised to send her son to college.

The Jobs moved to Mountain View, California in 1961, four years after adopt- ing Steve’s sister Patricia. During Steve’s childhood, he admired his father’s craftsmanship, and his father “passed along his love of mechanisms.” At the age of 10, Jobs was very involved in electronics, and didn’t really have many friends, but that all changed when they moved houses and he switched schools. In the summer of 1968, at the age of 13, Jobs got a job working for Bill Hewlett of Hewlett- Packard, after he wrote them asking for electronic parts.

Jobs attended Home- stead High in Silicon Valley in 1968, and immediately started taking engineer- ing classes, but later got interested in creative writ- ing, and other classes of the sort. Steve Wozniak, Jobs close friend, and co-founder of the apple company also graduated from Homestead High. After graduating High School, Jobs started attending classes at Reed College, in Portland Oregon. He then decided to drop out of Reed College, because he didn’t want to spend his parents’ money on it.

In the year 1975, Woz- niak, Jobs, and Robert Wayne created the Apple I computer in Job’s garage of his house in Los Altos. Wayne however left Jobs and Wozniak soon after, and the two were left with the newly developed apple company. They sold their first apple computer in 1977, at the West Coast Computer Faire. By the age of 25, Steve Jobs was worth over $100 million dollars.

Jobs then left Apple in 1985, and he created his own computer developing company, NeXT. Then in the year1996, Apple bought NeXT for $427 million, which brought him back to the company which he had a part in cofounding. Since his return to Apple in 1996, Jobs and the rest of the Apple team, have introduced many new technologies such as the MacBook, iPad, iPod, and the numerous generations of iPhone that pushed the world further into the world of technology.

In October of 2003, Steve was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer, and he only announced to his company months later the diagno- sis. Six years later, Jobs un- derwent a liver transplant, where the operation was considered successful. He re- turned to work about a year and a half following the op- eration in January of 2011, but then in August of the same year, he resigned from the company.

Steve Jobs died from a previously “islet-cell neu- roendocrine pancreatic cancer” around 3pm, at his home in California, on Oc- tober 5 of the same year. He lost consciousness the pre- vious day, and passed away the following day, surround- ed by his wife, children, and his sister. According to his sister, his final words were “Oh wow, Oh wow, Oh wow.”

Steve Jobs will forever be remembered for the things he did in the tech- nology world, and for the great inventor he was. But today, the 6th anniversary of his life, we celebrate his life. “Your time is limited, so don’t waste time living someone else’s life,” ~ Steve Jobs.