Maria Glotfelter

Staff Writer

Coffee, for better or worse, is a staple in the college student’s diet. Sometimes it’s a necessary crutch to get through a long Monday, other times it’s a relaxing drink to supplement the enjoyment of reading for your favorite class.

I started drinking coffee in middle school, mostly because my older friends drank it and it was “cool.” When I first started drinking coffee, I used about half a cup of creamer and five packs of sugar. I’m still guilty of the same “crime” when I order frappuccinos from Starbucks because, if we’re honest with ourselves, those drinks are more sugar than coffee.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good sugar high from a frappuccino, but having a regular old cup of coffee also offers a certain comfort. I consider myself a versatile coffee-lover. I admit I drink coffee out of both necessity and enjoyment, but occasionally I do drink decaf coffee just for the taste.

Millersville is quite the enabling campus when it comes to coffee. There are two locations located centrally: Starbucks in the library and now the newer Saxby’s in Gordinier. I don’t honestly have a preference for either coffee establishment, but I end up going to Starbucks more often since the library is where I spend most of my time.

Being a commuter, it is way cheaper, and sometimes more convenient, for me to take my own coffee with me to school. For  any commuting students living on a tight budget, which is pretty much every commuter, I highly recommend investing in a good thermos. You will likely save money in the long-run if you consistently bring your own coffee, and, better yet, you won’t have to drink it lukewarm.

For MU students looking to expand the coffee places they attend, I highly recommend Javaville, located just off-campus. Javaville is right off Prince Street across the street from House of Pizza, another fine dining establishment MU students are probably more than a little familiar with.

I like Javaville partially because I associate it with good memories. I used to go there friends quite often, but their coffee is seriously good. They also have some great breakfast sandwiches, and the atmosphere is unbeatable.

If you’re looking to travel out a little farther than two minutes from campus, I recommend the following places in the downtown Lancaster vicinity: Square One Coffee, Mean Cup, and Cafe One Eight. These places are about to equivalent to Starbucks in price and have convenient locations to park for those who avoid parallel parking at all costs.

Coffee would probably be the hardest drink item for me to give up, which hopefully I’ll never have to do. As the semester drags on, students may find themselves ordering larger quantities or getting more refills. Drive on, coffee lovers, and good luck in the rest of your semester!