Zoe Berrier

Associate Features Editor 

Dr. Jackson Katz visited Millersville University to discus why violence against women is a men's issue. (PHOTO COURTESY OF WWW.THEKNOXSTUDENT.COM)
Dr. Jackson Katz visited Millersville University to discus why violence against women is a men’s issue. (PHOTO COURTESY OF WWW.THEKNOXSTUDENT.COM)

On Monday evening Dr. Jackson Katz gave an in-depth presentation on violence against women in the United States and all over the globe, and why this topic should no longer be labeled a Women’s issue, but a Men’s issue. Upon entering the event greeters handed out flyers depicting statistics on domestic abuse and stalking, as well as an informative sheet covering help resources on Millersville University’s campus. The room filled quickly with both the genuinely interested and those who were required to attend for classes.
Dr. Katz helped create one of the first gender violence prevention programs in the military, he is a part of several documentaries available on Netflix including Misconception and The Mask You Live In, and NPR is currently creating a piece covering his activism. Dr. Katz, in a very down to earth manner, opened by recognizing not every individual had arrived of their own volition, and then thanking everyone for being there. He then delved into showcasing how the violence of men has been an issue ingrained in our societies for thousands of years (i.e. Aries, a symbol of men, is also the god of war). Then, with audience participation, Dr. Katz pointed out that women change their actions daily to avoid sexual assault and harassment, whereas men mostly never hold this fear.
In discussing his issue with calling sexual violence a women’s issue, Katz explained the phrase violence against women holds no active agent; “Passive language. . .has the shifting of accountability”. Overall, Dr. Katz hopes to reveal that ideologies of manhood have created violence in society, and how men can change their ideals of manhood to end the cycle of violence.