Brenden Curry
Sports Editor

Millersville athletes show their talents for a cause bigger than the fields they play on and the trophies they compete for.

There was a $5 admission fee for attendees to watch the talent show. All proceeds went to the Make-A-Wish foundation, a charitable organization that helps terminally ill children complete life-long dreams.

The talent show is a fundraiser sponsored by the Student Athletic Advisory Committee. Every team was required to have an act. However, senior golfer Mitch Burns personally supports Make-A-Wish and said he always felt the need to be part of a night like the talent show.

“As a student athlete, I’m very proud of our athletic department for granting a wish to a terminally ill child for the past 2 years,” said senior field hockey goalie Kylee Bair. “Seeing the amount we raised increase to over $2,000 is amazing and that means we are that much closer to granting another wish!”

“I think the talent show is a great way for all the student athletes, athletic staff, and friends to come together and show support for all the athletic programs,” said Bair. “I think it’s a great way to raise money for the Make-A-Wish foundation.”

Bair stated that the talent show helps gives the organization some exposure, but the main focus is to fundraise money so our university is able to grant a wish to another kid.

“It’s always a fun time and it’s good to see my fellow athletes showing support as well,” Burns commented.

According to Burns, the Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC) is an organization run by student athletes for student athletes. This committee is the voice of student athletes, not only for their department but for the entire NCAA. This is where they communicate between their teams, create ideas for fundraisers, granting Make A Wish wishes and much more.

As for the acts themselves, went from 2 to 5 minutes in length. Sixteen of Millersville’s varsity sports teams competed in front of four judges.

Many of the teams that competed were very creative. The Tennis and Swimming teams performances with the most relatable out of all of their respective sports. The tennis team simulated the super Mario brothers interface. The swimming team performed a synchronized swimming routine with two swimmers holding a blue tarp to show water. The cheerleading team’s act was a spoof of American Idol auditions.

The winner of the talent show was determined by the total from the judges scores. Aaron Wildonger of the wrestling team won the charitable competition. His winning performance was an original song that had no title. However, the lyrics allude to not letting heartbreak coming back into someone’s heart.

Burns performed, representing the men’s golf team. He did a lip sync battle with freshman golfer Ronnie Yanoski. According to Burns, the men’s golf team agreed upon sending Yanoski up to lip sync because he was “made for the spotlight.”

“I didn’t want him to go up alone,” Burns said, explaining why he decided to do a lip sync battle as the golf team’s talent.

Burns stated that Wildonger’s song was a very deserving winner because it was a original song and it was very well executed.

“It takes a lot of guts to write an original song and perform it in front of an audience, and his song was very sweet,” Bair said.

Hosts Raelynn Buskey announced that the total amount was over $2000, a new record for the talent show. Burns stated that the organization did a great job with this year’s show. He also stated that he is looking forward to next year’s talent show, where he hopes that the funds raised record will be broken again.