Nick Hughes

Opinion Editor

Rian Johnson has been given the reigns to make a new Star Wars trilogy. You read that right, a new Star Wars trilogy. I know that a lot of people are excited about this. I am a part of that list, but what will this mean for Star Wars? It means more Star Wars and for me, that is a great thing. There is also the news of the live-action series that will be on Disney’s streaming service in 2019. Star Wars fans are excited right now.

I have talked to many theorists and fans that I know, and they are all saying one thing. The Old Republic must be covered in the new trilogy. While I agree with this sentiment, I am going to try to be realistic. Fans specifically want Knights of the Old Republic era stuff I feel, and I hate to say it, but Disney has said that has not happened. This has to do with the continuity dump.

What could happen with the Old Republic stuff is a whole new story. Which I think would be awesome. We will not be seeing the likes of Darth Revan or Darth Malak, but I hope we will still see a Sith Lord. Remember to Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Ki-Adi Mundi said the Sith had been extinct for millennia. What would be cool is if they did a story about that point in time. I also do not think they should do anything with Darth Bane with this trilogy. I know he is still considered canon, but this is Disney’s chance to prove that they know how to build a story of their own in the Star Wars universe.

The current trilogy is relying on already established characters that were around before Disney bought Star Wars. Luke Skywalker will not be in this new trilogy and I am alright with that. Disney has been doing a great job with Star Wars. Yet, I feel they still need to prove themselves. Like I said above, they are using stuff that was given to them. Han Solo was given to Disney, the same can be said of Darth Vader and the entire Skywalker family. I am excited to see a new dynasty of Star Wars with this new trilogy.

There is so much that could happen with this new trilogy and there is a lot of expectation going in. I have a lot of confidence in Rian Johnson though, and I think that Disney picked a great director. Kathleen Kennedy is the President of Lucasfilm and I trust her judgment. Star Wars will continue to be a dynasty that will transcend generations and I cannot wait to watch more from a galaxy far, far away.