Jared Hameloth
News Editor

If you have been inside the McNairy Library this spring semester, but have undoubtedly stared in wonder at the giant graphic design posters displayed around the lobby. All these designs were made by students for a very amazing cause.

These illustrations were made for “Design for Social Equity,” a course that Professor Nancy Mata created. Dr. Mata is the Associate Professor in Interactive and Graphic Design here at Millersville. The course was created a few years ago and is part of the Bachelor of Design degree.


Mata says that the purpose of this course is to “make design students aware of the power they have as a designer,” adding that the course should cause students to be more analytical and critical in their approach to interactive design. According to the project description posted with the designs in the library, students should “gain a better understanding of the cultural impact they can have as designers.”


This specific project was in celebration of Human Rights Day which is observed on Dec. 10. This day marks the anniversary that the United Nations General Assembly (UN) adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a major milestone in the world’s search for peace and equality.

Each design in the project depicts a separate struggle or initiative faced by everyone actively participating to create a more equal world. Dr. Mata said each poster is either based on a human right declared by the UN or a Universal Human Right that the students believe should exist.


Students in the class were enthusiastic about displaying their project. John Manos who is in Dr. Mata’s class, said that “people need to be aware of human rights and our posters are helping to do this, it is a good way of making Millersville students aware of these rights. I like the fact that they were placed in the library.”