Alexander Bershtein

Staff Writer

Paddington 2, directed by Paul King and written by Paul King and Simon Farnaby. This fantastical sequel almost feels self-reliant, despite a miniature intro to reference the previous backstory given by the first film.

In this sequel to the prior film, Paddington (voiced by Ben Wishaw) is on an adventure with the support of the Brown family, including Judy (Madeleine Harris), Jonathan (Samuel Joslin), Mary (Sally Hawkins), Henry (Hugh Bonneville), and Mrs. Bird (Julie Walters) to at first solve a small dilemma that ends up becoming a massive comedic and adventurous tale.

The comedy is throughout the movie in many forms. There is a great mixture, including witty jokes of smart humor, ironic humor, well implemented slapstick that fits the narrative, and insides jokes on its own actors, especially for fans of Hugh Grant.

It is currently popular among those who have seen it, as indicated by IMDb, which shows a 8.2/10. Critics seem to be in high favor of the movie as well with Rotten Tomatos at a striking 100% and Metacritic at a score of 88.

It is amazing how a movie that on the cover can seem to be about wandering naïve teddy-bear, but viewing it is an experience I would recommend to any family looking for all its members to enjoy, no matter the age and no matter whether you’re the child or the parent. And even though I would recommend a family experience, anyone should go with friends to see this film if they need more laughs than thought they could get, enjoy an imaginative story with great characters, a great moral with a heartwarming catharsis, and dash of marmalade to sweeten the day.