Sade Palmer

Features Editor

Last Thursday night, there was a full house at the Entrepreneurial Leadership Center for the Zachary Shaffer Gallery event. With the hopes of turning art into entrepreneurship, Millersville students Zach and Rachel discussed their business model and how they came together to embark on this adventure.

The event started with Rachel explaining the idea behind the “Seraphinetra Artist” logic. She says, learning how to budget as she faced adult issues in college has helped her realize that it is important to be your own boss and manage your own success. That was something that sparked mixing art with entrepreneurship. She then explained what she thought of the non-profit sector, saying because her favorite artist, Jean-Michael Basquiat, was improperly managed.

“I want to teach artists how to properly manage themselves,” says Rachel. “Doing this through being goal oriented from structured advisement.” Remembering her childhood, she speaks on her aspirations for the non-profit. Feeling devastated that art programs for children in underprivileged neighborhoods are constantly being defunded, she hopes to teach children about art and its ability to become an outlet for them using it to express themselves.

Both students were speaking passionately about their love for art and its importance in the world. Shaffer, who’s art was on display being sold, went through each painting giving the audience the background of it. He spoke about the inspiration, and everything that went into each individual piece. The name of the collection is “The Fountain,” and Shaffer explains that the name references his creating process. He said when he has an idea, he’ll sit in front of the canvas and paint.

“I always loved art,” he explains. He tells the story of how a high school trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art changed his mind about abstract painting. He says, it had a “strong impact” on him. One of the pieces he explains was “oh no, our hero has been shot down in the city” he enjoys long titles.