Anna Tran

Staff Writer

The Time Between is a podcast series about students taking a non-traditional route to higher

Logically, the next step after high-school is college. We start in kindergarten, next is elementary
school, then the infamous middle school and high school years. Once high school comes
around curriculum is tailored for preparing students for higher education. With all the AP, IB,
and college prep classes the message students receive is clear—college is next. Immediately
after graduation students are expected to have a schools lined up and ready for the fall, but
what if you don’t?

For some, heading directly into the workforce is their next step, or maybe volunteering with
organizations like Peace Corps. Often the only message of success given to high school
students is the direct acceptance into college. Many follow that immediate path, and others
end up in college by taking a longer route. One with more turns and forks in the road.
For those people who take a longer path, the things they experienced after high school shaped
their life and their decision to eventually enroll in college. This podcast is about the time in
between those two points.