Alexander Bershtein

Staff Writer

Although many students are stressed and debating whether to look forward to the last week of the semester, there is three days of puppy-love and cat-curiousness that they definitely can. As the counseling center of Millersville University continues its new tradition of engaging students in pet therapy during finals week, more than dogs are now sure to arrive as cats will join in on relieving stress during their last week of the semester.

Normally, during the last week of the semester Keystone Pet Enhanced Therapy Services, or KPETS, brings dogs such as the tag-team brothers of Calvin and Hobbes, Karina the playful spaniel, and Barkley the extra fluffed akita that everyone mistakes as a St. Bernard because of his fur pattern.

However, now cats with pet therapy registration are coming to Millersville campus.  This is uncommon as KPETS has three registered therapy cats in the Lancaster area. Amazingly, two of them will be coming to the Millersville, including a massive main coon cat, Biggie, who will enter the building on a chariot of a stroller, as his calm composure demands a tad of laziness.

The pet therapy will take place in the Slabinski Atrium of the Student Memorial Center, right by the piano and information desk. The timeframe for KPETS will be from 12 midday to 5pm in the afternoon from Monday to Wednesday, and students should be wary about bringing their lunch and dinner to these occasions. Additionally, thanks to another group, Pet Partners, their will another pet therapy session on Tuesdays near the Starbucks within the McNairy Library in the evening from 7pm-8pm.

Now students that are dog lovers, cat lovers, or both can find some calming and enjoyable experiences during the upcoming finals week this semester. The only catch is that students should be aware of, is that the cats and dogs do require a fee for their soothing nature, which is a couple minutes of tummy-rubs and ear scratches.