Sade Palmer


All good things do in fact come to an end, and for me, it’s a bittersweet moment that my time at The Snapper is approaching its finale. With my time here, I’ve learned so much, met amazing people and experienced great times.

I transferred to Millersville in Spring 2015 and I was really excited to know that they had a student newspaper. It was always my dream in high school, to go on to college and be a part of something like this. I decided to start writing part-time during my second or third semester here. I would write whenever I had the opportunity to do so, and when the Features Editor position was opened last year I jumped on it. I felt I was ready to take on a role with the organization.

During my time as the Features Editor, I learned how to become a better writer, and I also learned how to use InDesign which I had no experience in prior to joining the team. The bittersweet feeling is because not only have I enjoyed being a part of something so special, but I’ve also never felt more comfortable in a student organization before. When I first began to explore organizations here, some of them I never felt accepted and I didn’t feel comfortable enough to continue. I think that being a part of the Snapper, I broke out of my comfort zone and I felt like this is where I’m meant to be.

I am going to miss the fun times I’ve had with everyone apart of the Snapper team. The Tuesday nights editing the layout, and the Thursday night meetings were highlights of my week. I am excited to take the things that I’ve learned here and apply them to my future careers. Thank you, the Snapper, for making me feel special and allowing me to be a part of something so amazing.