Julia Walters
Staff Writer

Anyone who has frequented the SMC knows the friendly faces at PSECU who always stand attentively outside of room 110. But many students were surprised when they came back this fall and PSECU and its employees had a new location.

What was previously a storage room between the Reighard Multi-Purpose Room and the Juice Bar is now an open room with a large glass window that houses PSECU. The storage area was renovated and transformed over the summer into an open space with the goal of being both comfortable and welcoming for students and faculty.

Millersville welcomed the Intercultural Center last semester, which has already grown out of it’s small room in SMC 111. Either a renovation or a move was needed to accommodate this growth, and PSECU was happy to help. “We were given the opportunity to move so that the Intercultural Center could expand,” said Laura Payea, who is the assistant manager at PSECU. She went on to explain that the new location of PSECU gives the “best access for students and events because it’s very centrally located.”

PSECU community manager Kristyne Schonhaut added by explaining that, before the move, they were in an extremely tight room. Oftentimes they had to expand their information tables into the narrow hallway, which wasn’t ideal for their employees or any students trying to get through the hallway especially during a crowded time of day like common hour.

To Schonhaut, the new location seems to be an extremely positive one for the staff at PSECU and for the SMC as a whole. “We’ve had many say ‘Thank you for brightening up this area!’” Schonhaut said.

According to Schonhaut, the new polished, sleek look was designed to have “good flow with useful, purposeful space. There’s a purpose and an area for everything.”

With the new semester already in full swing, there is no question that PSECU’s new location has been and will continue to be a great addition for students, employees, and the SMC.