Jared Kish
Sports Editor  

After winning the last two weeks, Millersville looked to continue their success as they returned home to face Shippensburg. On homecoming weekend, Millersville hoped to give the crowd something to cheer about.

Shippensburg had lost four consecutive games and Millersville looked to make it five straight. Unfortunately, it would be a tough homecoming for the Marauders as they got shutout 37-0. This is the first time the Marauders have been shutout since the 2016 season.

In the first quarter Shippensburg’s quarterback Brycen Mussina would find tight end Shea O’Donnell for a touchdown. This was the first score of the game giving Shippensburg a 7-0 lead.

At the start of the second quarter the score was still 7-0. It would remain that way for half the quarter until Shippensburg’s Luke Durkin would run it into the end zone for a touchdown. Shippensburg would score two more times in the quarter, once on a field goal and the other on another touchdown.

Shippensburg had 23 points going into the half.

Millersville’s offense did not play well in the first half as no points would be scored for the Marauders.

Coming out for the third quarter, Millersville hoped to put some points on the board and get their offense going. However, the offense still could not find their stride as the only points scored in the quarter would be by Shippensburg. Chase Yocum would run the ball past the goal line to give Shippensburg a 30-0 lead.

When the fourth quarter rolled around Millersville found themselves in a huge hole that would be almost impossible to climb out of. Being down 30-0, the Marauders would need a miracle to come back.

Shippensburg would add insult to injury on another touchdown on a 10-yard run by Raleigh Sirb. This touchdown would secure a shutout win for Shippensburg and giving them their first win in four games.

The Millersville offense could not get anything going to give them a scoring drive. Only two drives would exceed five yards.

The Marauders could only produce a total of 154 yards. Ninety-one of those yards would come through the air and 63 yards on the ground.

Millersville would be 1-16 on third down conversions. Shippensburg made it hard for the Marauders to move the ball down the field.

Millersville’s punter Tyler Reiman would be busy as he punted the ball 10 times in the game.

Shippensburg had a total of 493 yards on the day giving them 339 more yards than Millersville. The Shippensburg run game would have 258 yards giving them the highest total of yards on the season.

Despite getting five turnovers on two interceptions and three fumble recoveries, Millersville’s defense could not stop the Shippensburg offense.

The Marauders look to bounce back next week from this tough loss as they will take on Malone University.

This meeting will be the first one ever between the two programs.