Julia Walters
Associate News Editor

It’s been a great semester so far for PSECU and Millersville’s Campus Cupboard, which is a free student food bank at the First United Methodist Church. To celebrate their new space, PSECU held a fundraiser in September that included food, games, and prizes.

PSECU intern, Madison Trilling, said “As part of our Relocation Celebration in September, we committed to a minimum donation of $150 and then added an extra dollar for every one that attended our event.” By the events end, PSECU raised $444 to Campus Cupboard.

PSECU Community Manager, Kristyne Schonhaut, said that PSECU always knew that they wanted to support this specific organization for their event. “Campus Cupboard was the original thought since we were coming to celebrate and eat. Why not help those that may not be able to come or don’t have enough to eat?

It’s more fun to celebrate knowing that you’re giving back in the process.” Trilling added on to this, saying that “it was part of an effort to give back to the Millersville University community that was also a way to have a positive impact on students.”

This is not the only philanthropic gesture that PSECU has engaged in. In fact, they support numerous organizations on campus as a way to give back to the community. Schonhaut went in depth about this, saying “we give thousands of dollars in scholarships, sponsorships including leadership programing, and financial literacy events.”

Additionally, PSECU can often be found in the background, supporting groups in various ways that the general public may not fully know about. “For instance, this past weekend during Homecoming, we were tabling at the tailgate; but PSECU had also paid for the catering in the Alumni tent, which was free for Alums,” Trilling clarified.

This is all because of the fact that PSECU is committed to helping the community they serve. Schonhaut makes it clear that “the Credit Union philosophy is People Helping People.

That’s why we build Financial Education Centers and not branches. We’re here to help students learn about finances so that when they graduate they have a better understanding of the decisions and choices that are in front of them.”

To learn more about PSECU and the work they do for the various communities they are part of, visit www.psecu.com.