Simren Shah

Associate Features Editor

The midterm elections took place this past Tuesday and many students exercised their civic duties. Various campus groups encouraged students to vote. One of these groups was the Sunrise group which is known for environmental and political activism.

Georgette Sordellini, a member of the Sunrise group, sent text messages inviting students to meet in front of the Student Memorial Center to march to the voting polls together. While students had to vote around their schedules, some showed up to head to the polls as a group. It was an opportunity to be held accountable and to not have to make the trip to the polls alone.

Sordellini had a lot to say about the importance of voting; she spoke particularly about the importance of college students voting. She emphasized, “as young people it gives us that much more power.” She mentioned that as of this year people under the age of 35 had the largest voting bloc, but also the lowest turn-out. Many students realized that their vote mattered and affected their futures. Anyone was welcome to attend the march to the polls, regardless of party affiliation. Sordellini was careful to be nonpartisan and respected the privacy of others. To her, it was just important that students came out to vote. Sordellini elaborated on how empowering it is to “let your voice be heard.”

There were many opportunities at Millersville University to get involved politically during this midterm season. There were rallies and debates preceding voting day and polling locations were right on campus. Students were left with few excuses not to vote. “I voted” stickers were seen all over campus and social media.