Josh Rittberg

Arts and Culture Editor

Famed Opera Singer, Luis Ledesma, has played in the United States, Europe, South America, and even the iconic concert venue, Carnegie Hall. Now, the operatic Baritone Luis Ledesma is coming to Millersville on Friday, November 9th, in a concert event that won’t soon be forgotten. His visit to campus is more than just another event, it is a chance to inspire the Millersville community and especially current students.

Millersville’s own Dr. Volchansky was integral in bringing Ledesma to campus. When given the chance to choose a guest artist, Volchansky spent a lot of time working to bring this singer to campus. The orchestra students will actually be performing with the guest artist, which is very exciting. He came to rehearse during the week with the student orchestra performers and Volchansky says that “This is a huge learning opportunity”. Just working with this performer, the students learn so much and take away lessons that they can use throughout their music careers.

Volchansky herself, along with organizing this event, is also going to be literally conducting the concert. As a conductor, Volchansky has to “Be the leader”. Everything from the “Changes in textures to dynamics” are all carried out by the one in this position. While it is much work, Volchansky is excited to bring this artist” to the orchestra as well as the university community and “beyond”. More importantly, she is very much looking forward to bringing “an artist who represents a minority in the arts”. Volchansky speaks of the classical arts tending to be a conservative world, and it is exciting to highlight minority voices that are not always heard in the opera culture.

This singer will be bringing diversity to the classical guest artists, but Luis Ledesma also has the ability to expose the audience to works from well-known composers like Mozart and introduce them to wonderful artists they may not know like the Russian composer, Alexander Borodin. The music performed during the concert will be pieces of great humanity. Volchansky advises audience members attending the concert to do some research beforehand as the opera pieces themselves are ones of great subtext and meaning. This is certainly going to be a special event and one music lovers and appreciators of art will not want to miss. Guest artists like Luis Ledesma do not come around too often and is certainly talent that is important and should be supported.