Carly O’Neill
Associate News Editor

Thousands of protesters nationwide came together on Thursday, Nov. 8 to protest President Trump’s firing of Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. Protestors fear Trump’s new appointment of acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, will compromise Robert Muller’s Russia investigation. 

The political action committee MoveOn organized well over a hundred “Nobody Is Above the Law” protests taking place at 5 p.m. across the nation, outside of city halls, federal courthouses, in parks and on downtown streets and university grounds.

MoveOn hosted one of their “Protect Muller” protests outside of the capitol building in central Harrisburg, where political activist gathered together to speak out against President Trump’s interference with the Justice Department’s inquiry into the Russian meddling of the 2016 election.

From a former Republican mayor who switched political parties not long after Trump took office, to three women who have ran for office in the local area, these prior political figures joined the outcry to speak out against injustice.

Protesters came with homemade signs reading “Nobody Is Above the Law,” “Protect Muller,” “Hands off Muller,” and “Whitaker Recuse” that they held proudly while CBS 21 took pictures and interviewed some of the participants.

Donald Trump has rallied these concerns by appointing a new Attorney General after the firing of Jeff Sessions without the Senate’s approval. 

Trump’s new acting Attorney General, Matthew Whitaker, was openly hostile towards the Robert Muller investigation on TV and social media outlets, according to the New York Times.

He also wrote an opinion article for CNN with a headline reading “Mueller’s Investigation of Trump Is Going Too Far.” Whitaker then suggested Rod Rosenstein “order Mueller to limit the scope of his investigation.”

Now Matthew Whitaker will oversee the Russia investigation, which raises questions of whether he will be quick to shut it down or delay the ongoing investigation.