Kaylee Rex

Managing Editor

If you follow Millersville University’s Instagram account, you have probably noticed the ongoing food truck remarks in the comment section. Students are very passionate about getting the food truck back out on campus to serve their delicious sandwiches, burgers, and chicken fingers.

The food truck made its debut on campus in 2013 when the suites were in construction. “The truck was conceived to give students another food location and to feed construction workers building the new dorms,” according to Pat Benson in a 2015 press release. The truck branched out into doing events and eventually began popping up all over campus for the convenience of students who did not have time to go to a regular dining hall.

Ever since that beautiful day, the food truck put smiles on students faces with quick, easy, and delicious meals. Until this school year, when our beloved food truck was ripped from our hearts only to be seen for special occasions and sporting events. Like a dusty, forgotten toy, the Marauder Express sits outside Gordinier just waiting to be used again.

One group of students decided to create an Instagram account solely dedicated to their passion for bringing back the food truck. The account, @mufoodtruck, comments on pretty much every Instagram post the university shares. On a Presidents’ Day post, @mufoodtruck commented: “The Presidents would want us to have a food truck.”

On another post, Dr. Wubah was pictured with Pennsylvania Representative Bryan Cutler, to which the food truck account commented, “Did they discuss bringing back the food truck?” Dr. Wubah actually replied to his comment saying that he is working on it.

The owner of the @mufoodtruck page says that they want the food truck back for the fun that it brings to students and the famous Ville-A-Nators, which are burgers with cheddar cheese and lettuce, then topped with Boom Boom sauce, french fries, and chili on a hamburger roll.

The Marauder Express needs to make a comeback. Those chicken fingers after class in Hash hit the spot and brought my soul back to life after hours of lectures. Find yourself wandering around the Suites at 1 a.m.? Food truck breakfast bowl. Delicious scrambled eggs mixed with tater tots and your choice of bacon or sausage. The perfect snack to end the night.

First, the North Side Bistro was ripped from our fingertips, now the Marauder Express. We need to stand up for our food truck and get her back trucking around campus.