Carly O’Neill

Features Editor

Interview with Jordan Santiago: Title and Registration

During Festi-ville, Title and Registration played their most well liked song, Toothpick, in the SMC atrium of Millersville. (Photos courtesy of Carly O’Neill.)

Festi-velle took place on Saturday, April 13 where Millersville hosted local bands from around Lancaster, as well as Young the Giant as their main headliner. During this popular event, I had the opportunity to interview the lead singer from one up and coming bands called, Title and Registration.

Carly: “Can you tell me your name and the name of your band again?”

Jordan: “ Yeah my names Jordan Santiago and I’m in Title and Registration.”

Carly: “You guys were awesome by the way. I already went on Apple Music and added your Toothpick song.”

Jordan: “Really? Thank you so much!”

Carly: “Yeah, you should definitely post more.”

Jordan: “Yeah we will.”

Carly: “So when did you guys like start and what made you want to start?”

Jordan: “We started a couple months ago, and I was in a band before this called Hot Tide Calendar.”

Carly: “Oh that’s so cool!”

Jordan: “Yeah, and the other members graduated cause they went to school with me, but I didn’t want to stop playing music because that was really the first band I had been in before this one. So I had by best friend Dylan play drums for us, and I was like we’re going to be in a band and he said okay.”

Carly: “Yeah he said I’m on board!”

Jordan: “Yeah exactly! So from there I just started finding people like Kelly, she does her own music, so I asked her if she wanted to play with us and it kind of just fell into place.”

Carly: “Do you all go to the same school?”

Jordan: “Yeah we go to Albright College.”

Carly: “Are you all music majors?”

Jordan: “So Kelly’s a communications major I’m pretty sure…and the rest of us yeah we’re music industry studies majors, and Zach is a psychology major.”

Carly: “Oh cool yeah good for him. That’s a hard one!”

Jordan: “Yeah, he does it, he’s a smart cookie.”

Carly: “ Are you music or?”

Jordan: “Yeah I’m music industry studies, so it’s just like a business degree that’s geared towards the music industry.”

Carly: “Have you played like in a lot of local venues?”

Jordan: “This is actually really our only..this is our second show outside of Albright’s campus.”

Carly: “Definitely had a good turnout, that’s for sure.”

Jordan: “Yeah we have a lot of support from our friends.”

Carly: “Have you always wanted to sing like from a young age?”

Jordan: “Sort’s kind of like I started singing in high school because my buddy was like let’s do choir and I was like I don’t have another choice so…I did like theater in high school and stuff and then I wanted to be in a band so I was in a band.”

Carly: “Good for you! Alright well I won’t keep you too long but thank you so much for your time.”

Jordan: “Thank you!”

Carly: “And I wish you good luck!”

Jordan: “Thank you so much! I was nice meeting you.”