Josh Rittberg
Arts and Culture Editor

Editor’s note: this article was originally published with inaccurate information regarding the purposed “LGBTQIA+ Center.” The original article’s second paragraph began with: “One exciting innovation that was announced on campus was the news of an LGBTQIA+ center on campus.” The corrected version is below and reads: “One exciting prospect from the town hall was the proposed creation of an ‘LGBTQIA+ center’ on campus.” This statement more accurately reflects the proposal of the center, as opposed to its established creation.

On Monday, April 22 in the SMC Atrium, an exciting event occured. With collaboration from GSA, the Student Government Association hosted an LGBTQIA+ Town Hall. It was viewed as a cornerstone for the Millersville community to come together and listen and give a light to those in the LGBTQIA+ community. This event was a chance for students and faculty to give a spotlight to a group that is so often silenced and not given their voice on campus.

One exciting prospect from the town hall was the proposed creation of an “LGBTQIA+ center” on campus. This would give LGBTQIA+  students in the Millersville community a place where they can feel validated, seen and safe. In our time now, where LGBTQIA+ students are being threatened and harrassed for being themselves, having a safe haven on campus will be a welcome and valuable addition to our community.

There was also a refreshing endorsement for the student choir, The Contra-trebles, which is meant to be a safe haven for those in the LGBTQIA+ community who  love music and want freedom of expression in the Millersville music department.

The Town Hall was also a chance for students to tell stories to each other about LGBTQIA+ representation that they have encountered throughout their own lives. In our time where LGBTQIA+ visibility is not even taught in our schools, it is hopeful to have an event like this where the community can get attention.

There was also an announcement about stronger diversity training on campus that is supposed to take effect next year. This event while only lasting a little bit of time, is a large step toward visibility in the MIllersville LGBTQ+ community.