By Shaun Lucas
Staff Writer

Want to relax and play some video games? The commuter lounge at the Student Memorial Center at Millersville now has three arcade cabinets, along with three flat-screen TVs.

There are two variations of arcade cabinets: “Pandora’s Box 6” and “Multi-Cade.” “Pandora’s Box 6” features over a thousand games, ranging from arcade classics, obscure foreign games, and even home console games. “Multi-Cas” has over a hundred games, focusing on classic arcade games.

The arcade machines are free to use during SMC hours, they do not require quarters like in a typical arcade. There are also TVs that are available to every student as well. While systems are locked up next to the TVs, students can connect their own devices to play games, browse the web, or stream movies/ shows.

As an introverted freshman, I was worried I would struggle to meet new people upon the first few weeks of school, this all changed once I found the lounge.

The lounge is constantly booming with people, with nearly every device in use. The couches around the TVs are filled with crowds of people standing behind. Even the small arcade screens, which can only support two players at a time, have a gathering of viewers and people waiting to play.

I found the lounge in the SMC by Roaming around campus with the free time I had during freshman orientation. That is when I saw a stranger playing one of my favorite games alone. I then walked up the player-two side, asked if I could join, and we played a few rounds of Street Fighter.

I still talk to this person around campus, and the only reason I know him is because of these arcade systems. We were introduced because of our common interests of video games.

The lounge is also great to have company while studying. The students are amiable, but not overtly loud or distracting. In addition, if you ever need a study break, you can play your favorite game for a short amount of time.

As a video game enthusiast, I’m ecstatic to have a place to chat with people in common with me, all thanks to a few electronics in a room.