Rachel Laughlin 
Staff Writer

 This past Saturday, September 7, the Student Organization Leadership Symposium was hosted, organized, and presented by the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership (CSIL.) The event marked the beginning of many club activities. From 8:45 a.m. to 4:15 p.m., students from most campus clubs or organizations attended this symposium to gain insight and education to run their clubs and become better, more active leaders on campus.

         The symposium started with the opening keynote “True Student Leadership” by Dave Kelly, “America’s Student Leadership Trainer.” During his opener, Kelly defined four key attributes that describe good leaders: dignity, sacrifice and integrity, recognition for others, and responsible stewardship. Kelly described the qualities of good leaders as having good listening skills, a willingness to take risks, uncompromised values, and clearly defined goals. It is also important to accept responsibility and express genuine generosity. Kelly’s way of finding a true leader is looking for an individual who can be trusted to lead with integrity, “even in the midst of chaos,” he said.

Afterwards, President Wubah spoke and congratulated the students on their presence and passion for becoming student leaders. The symposium then dispersed into four breakout sessions, which included panels and presentations such as: “Communication and Team Building,” “Avoid ‘Death by Meeting’,” “Confidence as a Leader: Finding your Purpose,” “Secrets of Motivation and Delegating Authority,” “Conflict Resolution,” and more.

Students also had opportunities to schedule one-on-one meetings with a mentor or representative from CSIL, join a group discussion with other clubs, learn about finances from the Student Government Association, start using and implementing Corq and Get Involved, and coordinate with Student Services Inc.

         The closing keynote, “Creating a Blueprint and Vision for your Organization,” gave club officers a chance to discuss goals and plans for their future club activities and started a conversation about future endeavors. Kelly defined the qualities of a good goal as being smart, specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and truthful.

Incentives for participating in the symposium included full attendance for Marauder Lead Sessions throughout the fall semester, a free lunch provided at the Upper Deck, participation prizes for a few events and closing remarks, and a free t-shirt. Despite making for a long day, most students found the symposium fulfilling.