Simren Shah
Associate Features Editor

Students enrolled in professional studies programs and internships are expected to dress in professional attire. The Campus Closet, located in the HUB, is a newly expanded resource for students to find professional clothing for free. The HUB is known for housing a food cupboard for students struggling with food insecurity, but they also provide donated clothes for students who are in need.

College education is a costly endeavor. Many college students cannot afford to purchase brand new clothing to satisfy professional requirements for field work or business presentations. 

Alex Gomez works in the HUB’s food cupboard and he explained what Campus Closet is and why it is important. 

Gomez said that students can sign up online and come in to try on clothing donated by Millersville community members. “I think it’s super important and it’s a really cool idea. People are forced to go to internships but can’t afford professional clothes,” said Gomez.

The clothing is displayed in a room equipped with a dressing area and mirror. Students can try on clothing and sign out items that they want to keep.

“If you can mandate professional clothing, there should be a place to get it,” said Gomez.

Campus closet presents students with the opportunity to meet professional dress requirements without having to spend excessive amounts of money, or worse, purchase clothing using credit cards. College students are already racking up enough debt and shopping for professional attire can cost hundreds of dollars.

Education majors in particular can benefit from Campus Closet since field experiences begin freshman year for early education and sophomore year for secondary education majors.

Students can sign up online at to tell Campus Closet what their professional clothing needs are. Students are encouraged to be as specific as possible and include sizes so that Campus Closet can help them find what they need.