Natalie Flory
Staff Writer

For the past eighteen years, Millersville has played a part in United Way’s Day of Caring. This year was no exception. On Saturday, September 7, United Way of Lancaster County hosted the 28th annual Day of Caring with support from the University’s Experiential Learning and Career Management.

More than 1,100 people, including more than 300 Millersville students, staff, and faculty, spread across the county to participate in this volunteer event. Students from the Honors College, Women in STEM, Social Advocacy, and thirteen University 103 classes aided the community at more than twenty locations.

The day started off early with a welcome from University President Dr. Wubah and United Way of Lancaster County President Sue Suter. She welcomed students and commended them for their efforts to help their community. Dr. Wubah, tied the event into the EPPIIC values, stressing their importance at Millersville and in the community. Following open remarks Millersville volunteers departed on buses wearing their bright orange “Live United” shirts.

Groups spread themselves across the county traveling to Millersville Community Church’s Grace Garden, Willow Valley, Schreiber Pediatrics, Lancaster Science Factory, and Marietta Theater. At the Grace Garden students helped pick produce, put a fresh coat of paint on the barn, clean, and landscape. The students made a lot of progress in the few hours of their volunteering. Students at the Marietta Theater were helping to clean up the old building. The cleanup included hauling trash, sweeping dust, and other tasks. Students also went to Schreiber Pediatric where they loaded trucks for the annual rubber duckie race. 

While at Willow Valley, students were able to play games with residents living in personal care. Wherever students were they spread joy through their time and effort. From Manheim Township Library to Lancaster Lebanon Habitat for Humanity, students and faculty represented what Millersville is made of. In one short day students contributed to the impact made to the surrounding community.

Dr. Elizabeth Thyrum, Director of the Honors College and Associate Psychology Professor, who participated in this year’s Day of Caring, commented on her favorite parts of the day.

 “One of my favorite aspects of the event is seeing the excitement and enthusiasm from our students. Students’ sincere interest in helping make our campus and community a better place to live and helping all feel supported and welcome are meaningful aspects of this event,” she said.

 This event was incredible for all involved, she continued. Spreading positivity can never be understated in today’s world. Together we can do more.