Carly O’Neill
Features Editor

Simren Shah
Associate Features Editor

The “A Wake for the Future” Climate Strike, hosted by the Sunrise Movement, took place on Sept. 27 at Binns Park in downtown Lancaster. University students and community members who attended the protest were asked to wear black as they shared thoughts and advocated for solutions to preserve our planet. There were multiple tables set up promoting District Attorney, Hobie Crystle for upcoming elections, due to his advocacy for environmental change. Multiple attendees held up colorful, hand-made signs stating “There’s no planet B” and “Save the Earth,” to support the going green mentality of the strike. Multiple speakers from the Sunrise Movement spoke during the event, demanding action against the fossil fuel companies, and promoting the Green New Deal.

All photos courtesy of Nina Plaksin/Snapper

“We want more action taken in government and also to learn a little bit more about why everyone else is here and get information.”

-Alana Bezas Rebecca Russel,
Millersville students

“I want to spend my life caring for the inhabitants of this planet and honestly watching it get destroyed in front of my eyes is so devastating to me.”
-Nicole Notarianni,
Millersville student

“It’s September and it’s like, 80 degrees… two Christmases ago I remember everyone in my family was wearing shorts.”

-Climate Change Protester

“I live here. I have children. I have family. I love my Earth; I have been a tree hugger forever.”

-Ginny Gibble,
Millersville Alumna

Two students from Millersville University pose with trees that were being given out for free at the wake.

“I am here because I know that climate change is a huge problem for our planet. It affects every single person and animal on our planet. It doesn’t exclude anyone.”

-Melissa Lane