Carly O’Neill
Features Editor

Millersville’s Free Money Game Show hosted by Scott Alexander, took place on Thursday, Sept. 26, where students played for the chance to win up to $80.

Students were picked for each of the four rounds by either showing off their dancing abilities to songs like the macarena and the chicken dance or being the fastest audience member to show the host a certain item, like a picture of your ex or the ability to do a split.

Four students competed for $20 the first round by reminiscing on many childhood nostalgics. Participants had to name what disney movie a certain song was from, like “Tangled,” “Toy Story,” and “Frozen.” They also identified popular Nickelodeon theme show songs, like “iCarly,” “Drake & Josh,” and “Zoey 101.” The round concluded with more beloved movie franchises, as students named songs from “Harry Potter,” “Hunger Games,” and “Star Wars.”

The stakes were raised for the second round, as students competed to win $40, by naming what Netflix show a theme song was from, like “The Crown,” “Orange Is the New Black,” and “Stranger Things.” The round transitioned from popular TV series to rap music, as participants had to name the artist of various rap songs and vis versa. Throwbacks like “Ice Ice Baby”, “Wild Thing”, and “Rappers Delight” were a few songs that participants found themselves trying to remember. 

A new set of competitors go head to head to get that bread. (Photo courtesy of Carly O’Neill).

The $40 winner also had to be familiar with classic Broadway musical songs from shows like, Greece, Hairspray, and Annie. Alexander ended things off by bringing back the music trivia to the recent 2000s with “name that pop princess.” Songs by artists such as, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Halsey concluded the round, as the audience turned the night into karaoke.

I was one of the participants picked for the third round, due to my ability to do a split, but unfortunately I did not win the $60 that was on the line. Alexander started off the round by throwing cartoon theme songs at us, like “Kim Possible,” “Family Guy,” and “The Jetsons,” but raised the bar on how to win. If a participant could not answer correctly, then an audience member had a chance to steal their position.

If an audience member could correctly answer the question, they were selected to pick one of four balls out of a bucket, revealing what participant’s spot they were about to steal.  

Next up was older movie quotes ranked from most familiar to more unpopular movies, like “Titanic,” “Fight Club,” “Dazed and Confused” and “Scarface.” The round eventually transitioned back to popular but older TV theme shows, like “Scrubs,” “30 Rock,” and “Will and Grace,” which is where I got kicked off by accidentally guessing “Two and a Half Men.”

The fourth and final round held the grand prize of $80 that one lucky contestant would take home. After losing out on the $60 from the previous round, Millersville student Rob Farinella, won the jackpot by stealing back his original spot from the previous round. He had to correctly name famous 90’s and 80’s artists, like Nirvana and Michael Jackson, as well as famous boy bands, like One Direction and The Jonas Brothers, before proudly claiming his prize.