Rachel Laughlin

Associate Arts and Culture Editor

Recently, the band My Chemical Romance released news that it was going on a reunion tour. If tickets weren’t sold out already, you know I’d be buying mine. While I wouldn’t say My Chemical Romance is my most favorite band, it is most certainly among the top five. 

For me, memories of their music involve long car rides to and from campus, venting traffic stresses and anger, as well as finally realizing my inner goth/emo self and finally feeling the freedom to express that at a lengthy 20-22 years old. Hearing that they may be reuniting if only for a single concert, is awesome news. While I hope this may lead to more music and more albums, I don’t think it’s very likely. All the artists involved have gone on to craft other projects and lead separate lives. Alternatively, I ask, what if they did release more music? Would they retain their original style? Or change things completely? I can admit that I would not like the latter.

So fellow MCR fans, let’s not read into things too much or get our hopes up. Let’s not pest the artists for new material or reopen what they consider to be a closed book. Let’s just take our time to relive our favorite songs and good memories. We should just celebrate this time as what its meant to be – a reunion.