Nick Hughes

Opinion Editor

Star Wars is coming on December 20 this year and I am beyond hyped. I have been a Star Wars fan my entire life and have always loved the franchise to a point of obsession. “Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker” is the last film in the Skywalker saga. 

I have already obtained my tickets for the Thursday screening event. I have been to the screening event for all four of the Disney led Star Wars movies so far. With my Star Wars popcorn and soda in hand, I will watch what I hope to be the greatest movie ever. It will not reach that though, but I can dream it will be as good as “The Empire Strikes Back.”

The little teasers fans have gotten so far have only added more and more questions to the already large amount that fans have. We know that Emperor Palpatine is back, but what we do not know is how, when, why or any of the other details that are pertinent here. When I first heard Palpatine’s laugh in the D23 trailer I became enthralled with theory crafting. 

Trailer Analysis

Along with all the other members of Rebel Cause and Rebel Chatter, I was desperate for more information and started filling in the gaps with knowledge obtained from the Disney published Star Wars books and the various Marvel comics that have been released or teased. There are still a ton of holes left to fill and I thought that the trailer would do that. I was wrong and if anything, there are more holes that need to be filled now. 

I love Star Wars and I have never been this hyped for a new movie. Not even Rogue One had this level for me. I need to know what happens and I need to wait until it comes out. Until then, I will sate my Star Wars appetite with “The Mandalorian” TV series premiering in November alongside Disney plus.

I am still digesting the trailer that came out yesterday, the writing time of this article is Tuesday, and I cannot wait until this movie comes out. Star Wars flows through me like the force does Rey and I am so excited to revisit a galaxy far, far away again for the last time with the Skywalker saga.

Stop Boycotting Star Wars

One thing that, hopefully, will not be an issue is the unneeded boycotts that the Solo anthology film unjustly received last year. I understand that fans were unhappy with the Last Jedi, but I think that the decision to not see Solo based on a preconceived notion was incorrect at best. Solo was a fantastic movie. It might be one of the better Disney era Star Wars movies that I have seen.

Also for those who are curious about my ranking for the Star Wars movies, they are as follows. Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back is absolutely number one on this list. Episode three follows that and then there are episodes four, six, one and two. If I am including the anthology films, Rogue One is right after Episode three then Solo immediately after Rogue One. So my list is this: Five, three, Rogue One, Solo, four, six, one and two.