Julia Walters:

My favorite podcast right now is “Office Ladies” by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, who play Pam Bee- sly and Angela Martin on “The Office.” The pair go through each episode in chronological order while talking about behind the scenes facts and their fun, personal experiences filming the episode. Jenna and Angela got extremely close while filming the show and remain best friends in real life, which makes the pod- cast feel more like you’re listening in on a conversa- tion rather than hearing a slew of random facts. They also have had some guest stars on the show, including Rainn Wilson, who plays Dwight Schrute on the show, and Phil Shea, who handled all the props. It’s been so fun rewatching the episodes with all the new informa- tion I now know from Jenna and Angela. Any fans of “The Office” would love this podcast!

Nick Hughes:

My favorite podcast is “You Died of Dysentery,” which is referenced to the Oregan trail video game. The cast includes Jon, Roman, Josh, and I. Being in a podcast is a great experience. The issues we talk about rotate around that of video games and video game controver- sy. One of the coolest issues that we have talked about was the Blizzard controversy involving Hearthstone player Blitzchung. The podcast is satirical most of the time, but sometimes we talk about serious issues. The biggest one was the autism and gaming episode that we had. “You Died of Dysentery” also has many ways to get ahold of the cast. Using the discord and other social media platforms is a great way to interact with us as well. You died to dysentery is live every Friday at eight pm. While the other podcast we do, Nerd Speak is on around seven every Friday.

Josh Rittberg:

My favorite podcast is “Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness”. This podcast is hosted by “Queer Eye’s” Van Ness as he interviews those who he finds interesting or intriguing. Van Ness interviews everyone from LG- BTQ+ pop icon, Kim Petras to the actress, Jameela Jamil from the hit tv show, “The Good Place.” The infectious energy and care that Van Ness brings to these inter- views makes this podcast memorable, entertaining and informative and truly something special.

Rachel Laughlin:

If you like science fiction and a hint of suspense, “The Message” by GE Podcast Theater and Panoply will prove to be an engaging and enrapturing experience. The podcast follows the story of Nicky Tomalin, a lin- guistics student who covers her internship with Cipher Centers for Communication through the podcast “Cy- pher Cast”. It is up to Nicky and her team to unravel the meaning behind “the message”, an audio clip believed to be from alien life forms. However, the mission takes a deadly turn as scientists who listen to the message begin suffering drastic health conditions. Shrouded in mystery and suspense, “The Message” hosts an excel- lent story, elements of science fiction, and a surprising plot twist that will keep listeners on the edge of their seats. While I haven’t yet heard it, its sequel “Life Af- ter” (sometimes written as “Lif-e.af/ter”), was complet- ed in 2016 and sounds just as intriguing and promis- ing. Both podcasts can be found on Spotify!

Jared Hameloth:

I have a lot of favorite podcasts at the moment, but I’ll focus on the producer that makes most of them. WNYC creates many great news podcasts on a weekly and daily basis. Their content keeps listeners up to date on the latest Trump news, provides meta-analyses of other forms of media, and even tells real stories of real people in interesting ways. I recommend three of their flagship productions: “Trump, Inc.,” “On the Media” and “Radiolab.”

Carly O’Neill:

My favorite podcast to listen to while on a long drive is “Let’s Not Meet.” This podcast is a collection of real life scary, creepy or unusual stories that people have encountered across the United States. From instances where a group of friends were walking home one night and then turned around to see a man following them while muttering to himself, to a family noticing a man looking in their window from a tree in their backyard in the pouring rain. This podcast will definitely leave you thinking “What the heck would I do in that situa- tion?!”